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The UNO Dynamics of Sedimentation Lab looks forward to seeing you all at AGU Fall Meeting this year. Come check out what our lab group has been working on over the course of the week:


Tuesday afternoon 

13:40-18:00: Masters student Micheal Amos will be presenting his poster EP23E-2254 - Sediment transport dynamics and the evolution of subaqueous delta channel levees. Check out his work on how channel levees evolve, with collaborators John Shaw and Christopher Cathcart. 

Wednesday morning

10:20-12:20Robert will be co-chairing an eLightning session, PA32C - #FlumeFriday: Building a Broad and Diverse Online Community to Share Insights from Physical Modeling Experiments with co-chairs Hannah Williams, Raphael Tinoco, and Stuart McLelland. Stop by Moscone South eLightning Theatre II for 3 minute presentations followed by interactive touch-screen poster session.


Friday afternoon:

13:40-18:00: Wrap up the week at the EPSP General poster session where undergraduate researcher (and grad school seeker) Leah Tevis will present her undergraduate research EP53F-2231 - Flow and sediment dynamics through complex emergent marsh vegetation. Leah has been developing methods with colleague Chris Esposito and myself to image flow and sediment through modeled vegetation in experimental flumes. 

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