Tilting flume

I will be adding instrumentation for 3-D topographic scanning and flow/turbulence measurement to the Civil and Environmental Engineering 72-foot tilting flume. The flume is capable of recirculating water and fine sediment as a closed loop. It has an automated slope adjustment via hydraulic jacks. The flume test section is 64 feet long, 2 feet wide, 3 feet deep. I will also be adding fixtures and cameras for black-light sediment particle tracking.

Delta basin

In the coming year, I will be constructing a dual purpose teaching/research delta and river basin lab. This facility will include a 3 m x 4.5 m basin, sediment feeders and recirculation pumps, overhead cameras, and laser topographic instrumentation. 

1-D flume​​

I will be constructing a 4.8 m long, 15 cm wide, 90 cm tall teaching/research flume capable of recirculating currents for bedform experiments, basin height adjustment for 1-D delta experiments, and turbidity current experiments. This flume's primary purpose will be for instructional purposes for Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, Basin Analysis, and Advanced Stratigraphy courses. 

Sediment sampling and field equipment


I will be acquiring sediment sampling and other field equipment to add to the coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport facilities at the Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences (for a full list of PIES equipment and facilities - These will include:

- USGS FISP BL-84 bedload sampler

- Wildco Ponar bottom samplers

Current equipment includes:

- Sequoia LISST-SL2 suspended sediment sampler, B-Reel.

- USGS FISP P-61 point integrated sediment sampler, B-Reels

- USGS FISP BLH-84 handheld bedload sampler with 3.5m wading rod

- 3x USGS FISP DH-48 handheld depth integrated sediment samplers with up to 3m wading rods

- USGS FISP DH-81 handheld depth integrated sediment sampler with up to 3m wading rods

- 6 laboratory/field cameras (GoPro hero5 & session, Sony RX100, Sony RX100 V, Canon SX280HS)

- DJI Mavic Air drone, 3DR Iris+ drone

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