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Robert C. Mahon
Assistant Professor
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering
rcmahon _at_       twitter     500QueerScientists   Curriculum Vitae

- Ph.D., Geology, 2017, University of Wyoming
- M.S., Geology, 2012, Idaho State University
- B.S., Geology, 2009, University of Montana
- Road and mountain biker, trail runner, ceramicist

Catherine Russell
Fulbright-Lloyd's Visiting Scholar, September 2022 - September 2023
- Ph.D. Geology and Physical Geography, University of Leeds
- MGeol, Geology, University of Leicester 


Maddy Kelley
Postdoctoral Researcher

- Ph.D. Arizona State University
- Research topic: turbulence, particle dynamics, and 3D river dune evolution 


Mayson Wagner
Undergraduate Researcher, August 2022-current
- Delgado Community College Earth and Environmental Sciences,
expected transfer to UNO: Spring 2024

Brittany Johnson
Undergraduate Researcher, August 2022-current
- UNO Oscar J. Tolmas PERSUE Scholar
- Research topic: Wave dynamics and delta evolution on Wax Lake Delta
- Setting up subsiding delta basin experiments for Fall 2023 experiment

UNODoS Alums

Jackfork Fm.jpeg

Leah Tevis

Undergraduate Researcher, B.S. 2020 - currently NSF GRFP funded M.S. at New Mexico Tech

- UNO College of Sciences Oscar J. Tolmas Scholar

- Research topic: Flow and sediment dynamics in flexible vegetation

- B.A., Fashion Management, 2006, International Academy of Design and Tech - Chicago
- Hiker, music seeker, museum enthusiast and animal lover


Madeline Cross

Undergraduate Researcher, B.S. 2020

- Foodie, traveler, art appreciator
- American/Australian dual citizen
- B.S., Earth and Environmental Science Coastal Studies Concentration (expected May 2020)

i be like.jpg

Aries Bush

Undergraduate Researcher

- Amateur artist/writer


Miles Beech
B.S. 2021 - currently pursuing M.S. at University of Memphis
- Traveler, music lover, Saints fan
- B.S., Earth and Environmental Science Coastal Studies Concentration, expected graduation Fall 2020
- Working on GPR data analysis of sand bars in the Bonnet Carre Spillway post-2019 flood

S.Noel - Black Canyon of the Gunnison, C

Sarah Noel

M.S. 2021 - currently pursuing PhD at University of Alaska Fairbanks

- B.S. Petroleum Engineering, Minor: Geological Engineering, 2017, Colorado School of Mines

- Thesis Topic: Modeling of sediment transport for fine grained delta front environments

- Hiking, Backpacking, Skiing, Music, Animal Lover


Malcolm Cross
M.S. 2021 - currently employed at USFS
- B.S., Geology, University of Arkansas
- Thesis topic: Effects of biological cohesion on wave ripple dynamics
    - Collaborative with US Naval Research Lab Sediment Dynamics Section
- 2020 GSA Graduate Research Grant recipient


Megan Killey
B.S. 2021
-Earth and Environmental Science Undergraduate; Geoscience Specialization, expected graduation: December 2021 
-Nature lover, PNW grown, aspiring world traveler



Miranda Brengartner
B.S. 2021
- Earth and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate,  B.S., Geoscience Concentration, expected graduation: Spring 2021
- Martial Artist, General Outdoors-woman,   Renaissance Fair Aficionado



Micheal Amos
M.S. Student, January 2019-2021
- B.A., Classical Linguistics, 2005, Calvin College
- Undergraduate, Geosciences, University of Arkansas
- Thesis topic: Sediment dynamics & construction of subaqueous delta channel levees 
- Undergraduate Research in delta flow fields at University of Arkansas
- Backpacker, runner, climber, Red Wings fan
- Currently teaching for New Orleans Public Schools


Samantha Becnel

Undergraduate Researcher, January 2021-current

- B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geoscience Concentration, expected graduation: Spring 2022

- Oscar J. Tolmas Scholar

- Singer/musician, animal lover (I have a dog and three ferrets), nature lover


Jazmin Carey

Undergraduate Researcher, January 2021-current

- B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Coastal Science Concentration, expected graduation: Spring 2024

- Oscar J. Tolmas Scholar

- Artist, Music, Nature, and Spiritual Lover

Victoria Sanchez
Undergraduate Researcher, August 2021-current
- B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geoscience Concentration, expected graduation: Spring 2023


Giancarlo Portocarrero
Undergraduate Researcher, August 2022-current
- B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, expected graduation: Spring 2023


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