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I am looking to grow the lab group! 

I am currently looking for motivated graduate students to join the group, starting as early as possible. Students interested in using modern, experimental, and numerical analyses of sediment transport processes toward understanding sediment transport and stratigraphic problems are encouraged to get in touch about potential opportunities here at UNO.

Currently, I have funded projects investigating three-dimensional flow, sediment transport, morphodynamics, and stratigraphic preservation of river dunes for which I am seeking an M.S. student on RA funding. In addition, TA funded positions may exist on numerous other topics.
You will be joining the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department which awards both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. There is flexibility in the department to enter as a M.S. student and convert to Ph.D. if you find it in line with your goals and objectives.
Graduate school is a large commitment and your desire to learn, interest in the field, independent work ethic, and flexibility will be key to our mutual success. Ultimately though, each of you have your own goals and I will strive to work with you to achieve them. I believe diversity of backgrounds and opinions are a key factor in creative scientific endeavor; I strongly encourage applications from students from all backgrounds, training, and career stages to get in touch. 

In addition, I am always interested in discussing options for students/postdocs interested in pursuing NSF Graduate Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellowships, or other similar funding options.

Students will be encouraged to apply for external grants, attend conferences, and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals. The department and I will provide you with resources and training in scientific writing, data analysis, data collection, and project management. Wherever possible, I will provide support for students to attend conferences, including GSA, AGU, and others as well as the knowledge and resources to help you apply for additional travel grants. 

If you're interested in discussing opportunities with the UNODoS group, please get in touch!


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