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The lab group spans a range of interests in modern and ancient sediment transport systems. The following are a selection of current research topics we are working on, or are interested in pursuing. If you have interests in these topics, I encourage you to contact me about student opportunities or collaboration possibilities.

3-dimensional bedform dynamics and stratigraphic geometries (Jazmina Carey and Samantha Becnel undergraduate research project, NSF EPSCoR Award #2032910; Louisiana Board of Regents RCS Award #LEQSF(2021-24)-RD-A-25

Grain size fining along delta fronts (Sarah Noel, current M.S. student, and Miranda Brengartner, current undergraduate researcher project, American Chemical Society PRF# 60151-DNI8)

Sediment transport dynamics and channel levee construction (Myk Amos, current M.S. student project)

Distributary channel network growth and preservation

Precambrian river and and basin dynamics, primarily in North American Cordilleran stratigraphic sequences.

Flow and sediment dynamics in flexible emergent vegetation (Leah Tevis past undergraduate research project; proposal pending, currently seeking new students)

Three-dimensional bedform morphometrics: Quantifying bedform variability
(Aries Bush past undergraduate research project; currently seeking new students)

Sediment routing and advection settling in engineered spillways (Madeline Cross and Miles Beech former undergraduate project and Megan Killey current undergraduate research project. Collaborative with A. Fernandes, A. Abeyta, T. Swanson, NSF Award # 2005439)

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